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In ancient times darkness ruled. The gods, powerless against it, imagined and 'created' Indra. Indra the invincible killed the archdemon Vritra and, by so doing, allowed the organized world to triumph
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We are giving away a romantic weekend package worth $500 USD this Valentine’s Day. The package includes:One night accommodation for two in 5 star Hotel including breakfastRomantic dinner for twoSpen
Sea-woman, her hair soaked with sweat, coils up like seaweed around her lover's arms. Siren-woman, her teeth have the same lustre as the pearls adorning her neck. He, the fisherman, tries to grasp the
He is a perfect man, educated, rich and respected by all. Only his wife knows his weakness. Valiant and skilful at all sorts of games, he lacks vigour in those of love. So she gives him potions to dri
A pale moon shines down on the sleeping beauty. Kneeling beside her, the lover wakes her with a kiss on her modest brow. Keeping her eyelids lowered, she smiles. Grasping her rounded hips, the lover s
Lunch-time siesta, exhausting heat. Even the flies are sleeping. Secretly, the engaged couple, shy and charming, meet. Straight kiss, bent kiss, turned kiss, pressed kiss, fighting tongues... They are
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Kamadhenu, the celestial cow with the head of a woman, born from the churning of the Sea of Milk, has the gift of making every wish come true. The deserted wife prays to her. O Kamadhenu! She bemoans
1010 days ago 0 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: kama sutra, lear kama sutra, positions, sex, better sex,
The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana ("Kama Sutra" is Sanskrit for "Aphorisms of Love") is an extraordinary and fascinating work that deserves careful reading and study. Written in ancient India, it is essent
1015 days ago 0 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags: woman, jokes, funny crazy, make her crazy
1. Call her by the dog's name and then deny it. 2. Answer all her questions with a question, preferably one on a totally different subject. 3. Superglue the commode seat in the up position. 4. Shri
10 Lessons on Flirting for Women   How to Flirt and Not Look like you are in Heat! Women are so much more subtle about flirting clues that men need to really pay attention. Ladies, men are not u
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